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Celebrate the Legacy of Orlando’s Naval History

On April 2, 2016, the Central Florida Navy League dedicated the Lone Sailor Navy Memorial at Blue Jacket Park, honoring those who served at the Naval Training Center of Orlando for more than three decades.

The Lone Sailor monument will serve as a reminder of the legacy of the Navy’s presence in Central Florida, and will be an inspiration to those who are currently serving or will serve the United States Navy.

Following the ceremony, the memorial was officially “given back” to the city for safekeeping for years to come.

Woman Bronze Will Complete LSNM Memorial

Phase III, the Blue Jacket Recruit, a bronze woman sailor, will complement the current Lone Sailor Memorial at Blue Jacket Park. The Central Florida Navy League is leading the charge, with plans to design, fund, build and once again donate it back to the city.

The statue will honor the women of the U.S. Navy and the unique role played by the RTC as the first co-ed boot camps. The artist is Don Reynolds, a local sculptor, and a former Sailor himself.

The cutlass and scabbard (the sword sheath) were provided by the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Services Division CPO mess.

The Legacy Continues with the Navy History Wall

Phase II of the Lone Sailor Navy Memorial is the Navy History Wall. The purpose of the Memorial Wall is to inform the public about the rich history of the ground they are standing upon when visiting the memorial.

The Memorial Wall will be 10 panels stretching more than 30 feet long, and will tell the story of the Navy’s history in Orlando in pictures and words including the mission, and several panels describing the recruit experience, the Lone Sailor, the new woman Sailor statue, what the Navy is doing today in Orlando, and finally a “Well Done” to our donors and committee members.

Thank You!

These organizations started it all!
Thank you for helping us make the Lone Sailor Navy Memorial a reality for Orlando.

The Making of the Lone Sailor Navy Memorial: From Design to Build to Dedication

Support the Cause: Purchase a Paver

Continue your support of the Lone Sailor Navy Memorial as there is more work to be done in phases II and III with the addition of the Blue Jacket Recruit! Pavers are available in two sizes and are a wonderful way to memorialize or honor someone.

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